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SEPTEMBER 6th, 2013

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e eating dogs is part of their dining culture.The neighboring Koreas have t▓he same culinary culture. In March 2009, the South Kor▓ea-based Korea Times reported that some 9,000 tons of dog are served at about 6,500 restaurants across the co▓untry annually.Shi Yufan, an employee with China National Native Produce & Animal By-products Import & Expor▓t Corp told the Global Times that her company welcomes the rules, even if it is engaged in animal product▓-related business."It's everyone's responsibility to treat animals well and use them in the most humane way 鈥?▓because we human beings take too much from them but nev▓er learn to repay them," she said.Some lawyers also questioned the draft's feasibility.Lu Junxiang, a lawyer ▓with the Beijing-based Dongwei Law Firm, said there is a v▓ery low possibility that the draft will become law.▓"A law has to take the interests of the mass publi▓c into consideration," he said, adding that the draft fails to consider the people who eat dog and cat meat as a folk custom.Chang's team unveiled a la

al Times

w draft last year to stress the importance of animal welfare, referring▓ to their right to life, a sound living environment, and▓ good physical and mental health.After receiving a lot of criticism centering on arguments of the lack of▓ people's welfare, Chang's team decided to focus th▓eir drafts on the "anti-cruelty" of animals.He also conced▓ed that the draft will respect some local cultures ▓such as the Koreans' eating habits, and may exclude them from the ban.However, this exclusion may give rise to new questions, such as who should have the privilege to b▓e exempt, analysts said.BEIJING, Jan. 27 -- Fine of up to 5,000 yuan and 15 days' detention proposed for those fou▓nd guilty. A proposed draft of China's first law on ani▓mal welfare prohibits the consumption of dog and cat meat▓, with a fine of up to 5,000 yuan ($730) and up to 15▓ days' detention for the guilty. Organizations or units foun▓d guilty of selling the meat can be fined anywhere bet▓ween 10,000 yuan to 500,000 yuan, according to the propos

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ed draft law that is being drawn up by a panel of legal experts, the Beijing-based Mirror Evening News▓ reported. "There are still many difficulties to o▓vercome before (legislators) include the article against consumption of dog and cat meat into the draft law," Chang Jiwen, a researcher with the law institute under the Chinese▓ Academy of Social Sciences, who headed the panel, was quoted as saying. "I hope the problem can be solved a▓s soon as possible, although it will be solved soon▓er or later," he said. The prohibition would not affect t▓he common Chinese citizen's life a lot, Chang said▓. With an improving living standard, very few people still eat dog or cat meat in China, he said. Though most West▓ern cultures view the consumption of dog or cat meat▓ as a taboo, the practice has been considered a cultural tradition f

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or those living in China's southern pro▓vinces like Guangdong and Jiangxi, as well as northeastern ▓provinces neighboring the Republic of Korea and the ▓Democratic People's Republic of Korea, where many beli▓eve dog or cat meat generates heat and helps the h▓uman body stay warm during winter months. One day six years ▓ago, she held two stray cats in her arms, and six years later, nearly 50 stray cats live in her house. During ▓these six years, a female worker, currently, made the ad▓option of street cats her job. The more street cats she ▓has adopted, however, the more difficult things have become for her, and the misunderstandings among people close to her have put her in a more embarrassing situation. Up until now, she has remained silent about t▓his "job" to her relatives.To save cats, she was bold ▓eno

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ugh to stop cars.Xu Hong (an alias), 49 years old, lost her job 12 years ago, and has not gotten another sin▓ce. Her house, which is located in Lianhua New Area, Jinjiang District, has become a fixed shelter for stray ca▓ts. On the afternoon of October 14, when the reporter followed Xu to her house, over ten fat and slim cats with different colors of fur gathered around her, among which a mischievous one hugged her trouser leg. Because the multitude of cats has left Xu's house a me

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ss, there is no room to sit down. Despite this, Xu, who is normally quiet, called these cats' pet names over and over again as if talking with a group of jovial childr▓en. Xu said, "Cats can read our minds. In fact, th▓ey also have feelings of pleasure, anger, grief and happi▓ness. They, however, cannot speak, so their feelings are a▓lways neglected."One afternoon in July 2003, Xu found t▓wo unattended cats when she passed by a construction site▓, and was deeply affected by their helpless meowing. Xu immediately lifted up these two cubs, wh

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o were about two months old, and brought them home. Xu then spent a sleepless nigh

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e two cubs milk and sugar every two hours, and the tw▓o cubs thrived thanks to her ca

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wo cubs remains active among the growing number of c▓ats that Xu keeps.Smuggled elephants return homeExperts worried about fate of remaining animals at zoo in Shenyang; investigation launched SHENYANG: An investiga▓tion has been launched into the deaths of 13 Siberian tigers in the past three months at a zoo in Shenyang, capital of Northeast China's Liaoning province. Now experts are worried about the fate of the remaining animals. "I'm▓ afraid that the tigers will die one after another because of malnutrition and cold weather. If we don't help these poor animals as soon as possible, we will lose the be▓st time to save them," said Hua Ning, project director▓ of the International Fund for Animal Welfare China▓. The Shenyang city government has allocated 5 million yuan ▓($732,000) for rescuing the remaining animals and another 2 million yuan for resuming the Shenyang Forest Wildli▓fe Zoo's normal operation, Zhang Jinghui, spokesman of▓ the city government, said at a press conference on Sunday. The situation at the zoo was exacerbated on Ma▓rch 9 when workers went on strike over back pay. "We haven't been paid for 18 months. We love animals, but we can't make a living," a breeder named Zhao told China

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Daily. The zoo has had to use office workers to feed the animals.▓ "Even if some amateurs do it, I don't think they will do it well due to a lack of professional skills and▓ knowledge," said Zhao. After checking the condition of th▓e remaining tigers, Zhang Xiwu, a director-general▓ with the State Forestry Administration, said the tigers▓ are doing well. They will invite experts to create a proper diet for the tigers to ensure their health. Eleven tig▓ers died at the zoo between Nov 11 last year and Feb 27. "No matter who deals with the issue, we hope they gi▓ve priority to solving real problems. Give workers their pay, then the tigers will be fed and their environm▓ent will improve. Otherwise, there is not even any▓body to clean the crates," said Zhao. According to Wu Xi▓, a deputy head of the zoo, the 11 tigers died of diseases▓ like renal failure and heart failure in the past three ▓months and two others were shot dead in November 200▓9 when they attacked a zookeeper. "I believe four reasons are being blamed for the death of these tigers. The first is that

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the tigers were kept behind iron bars indoors▓ instead of being allowed outdoors, which prevented them from exercising and keeping warm. The second is f▓ood shortage. This long and chilly winter also worsened the situation. Lastly, I have to say, our zoo is poorly operated," Wu said. One public institution in Mexi▓co has come up with a down to earth way to educate childre▓n about the environment. A day at the zoo can be great for kids. One zoo in Mexico is helping kids to learn more about the animal exhibits and conse

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rvation▓. It encourages children to ask questions through inte▓ractive games.At Guadalajara Zoo in Mexico the "Ce▓ntral de Investigacion Animal" or Animal Research Centre is an interactive research centre. It's a place where kids can learn about animals and environmental issues.The zoo's administrators believe the best way to educate pe▓ople about environmental issues is through games an▓d other interactive modules. That's the philosophy and miss▓ion of the interactive museum.Visitors to the Central ▓de Investigacion Animal, or CIA, get an ID card. Playing off on the museum's shared initials with the American Ce▓ntral Intelligence Agency, visitors become "Special▓ Ag

ent Z008".Chinese mainland actress Sun Li will sta▓rt the national tour of a photography exhibition as an a▓dvocate for stray animals at the Xidan Joy City sho▓pping center in Beijing on Friday.Website Sina reports tha▓t the exhibition "Take Me Home," which includes photos of s▓tray animals, Sun Li nurturing animals, and photos from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in▓ Hong Kong, is a public call for concern for stray animals.On the first stop of the tour, additional

activities ▓will be held. Visitors will be invited to sign a petition to refuse to eat cat and dog meat or wear anima▓l furs.Sun's photo album, "Take Me Home," will also be released at the opening. Proceeds from the sales will be donated to Beijing Human and Animal Environmen▓tal Education Center for stray animal rescue.The exhibition in Beijing will last until the end of the upcoming N

ational Day holiday.Zhuo told, "When I first went to Africa on my own, many people did not beli▓eve that the Chinese would come to Africa to protect ▓wildlife. Some people even thought that all Chinese liked t▓o buy ivory... But actions speak louder than words. Only a▓ctions can change their stereotypes."Simba, a Chinese lion saverSimba, a Chinese lion saver07-02-2018 12:12 BJTBy Q▓ian Ding, editorAt nearly 300 kilometers west of Na▓irobi, Kenya's capital, located the Maasai Mara Eco system, which is home to approximately 25% of Kenya's wildlif▓e. On the vast land of over 25,000km in territory, live mor▓e than 95 mammal species and

he said.And

550 bird species, playing host to the great wildebeest migration, one of the most s▓pectacular wildlife sceneries and is recognized as an Important Bird Area (IBA). Nonetheless, with the rapid and unequal socio-economic development in the region, the tension between wildlife and

residents keeps rising. One Chinese man named Zhuo Qiang, with a commitment to protect lions, came here to make a difference. Via establishi▓ng Mara Wildlife Conservation Foundation in 2011, Zhuo became the first Chinese citizen to register

the owner of the Yanjie Xicheng Dog▓ Meat Restaurant in Yanji, Jilin Province, surnamed Piao, to▓ld the Global Tim
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